Workout During Pandemic or Home Gym Ideas

Quarantine during COVID-19 reduced the habitual habitat of a city dweller to an apartment: an office, a gym, and a bar began to easily coexist within the confines of one room. Work is remote and gyms are closed now, so we decided to talk about a workout during a pandemic and possible variations of the home gym equipment ideas for you. We tried to analyze the main trends in the fitness industry that will stay with us for a long time and prepared some home gym ideas for you.

How Pandemic Changed Our Daily Habits

So, as we told above, now everything is on distance. Most of the people are working from home. The gyms are closed in bigger part of the countries, and you just can’t visit them. So, we need to search for alternatives. Different people have different habits, and they like different things. Some just are making small home gyms, and buying home gym equipment, others prefers to go outside on fresh air in their yard (if you have it of course) and do some workout there. Workout during pandemic became kind of new challenge, but we need to adapt.  So, we want to talk about new trends, how to buy equipment you need and what kind of workout during pandemic you can find for yourself. 

Home Gym Trend

It was quite popular to have a mini gym at home before, but now it is changed to a totally different level. People are starting to buy more home gym equipment. Even if the new trend of the online gym is going up, you still need at least minimalistic equipment. You basically can find anything now on Amazon, for your budget and preferences. There are plenty of solutions for mini home gym equipment, and they are inventing new ones every day. Unfortunately, not all of them are useful or affordable.  

So, here we want to talk about some home gym ideas you can buy for yourself, depending on your preferred workout and budget. We also consider the value of the equipment. We all know that the world will never be the same after pandemics, but it doesn’t mean that gyms will stay closed and you have to spend tons of money on it. So, the solutions which are recommended below, are minimalistic and quite affordable almost to everyone. 

Home Gym Equipment

Yoga is one of the best and less expensive solutions to stay healthy and fit. This yoga home gym equipment solution is minimalistic and costs almost nothing. You just need a mat, blocks, and strap for it. 

If you want to still gain or at least maintain your muscle level, you possibly will need some dumbells, barbells, and weights. Luckily there is a choice of different barbell-dumbbells hybrid solutions now, which makes it cheaper than it was before. You can combine it with different types of exercises. One of the simple and not expensive solutions is RUNWE adjustable Dumbbells Barbell Set. 

To stay fit, and maintain your muscles in good shape, there is a nice solution called TRX. You can make so many different exercises for whole your body with it. And the best thing is that it doesn’t take much place, you just need to find where to hang it. It can be on top of your door, or a tree. You also can take it everywhere when you travel. There are so many different exercises on Youtube with it, and they are totally free. 

Fresh Air Workouts Trend

During the pandemic, the fresh air workout trend is still popular, but it has changed a little.  Now, you need to avoid crowded places or wear a mask. 

So, the fresh air workouts moved to the backyards mostly, or people just started to do workouts in not crowded places. Also, people just try to take a distance. 

So, what is the solution to a workout during a pandemic outside? The answer is pretty simple actually. 

  • One of the most not comfortable solutions is just to wear a mask in crowded parks. 
  • You can go hike to less popular and crowded places, like forests, mountains near some lakes, etc. 
  • Workout at your yard – well this solution works only for people who have their own house. 
  • You always can have a bike ride. Usually, you don’t do it in the middle of the town or park, just find some empty old road, and enjoy the ride. 

Gamification Trend

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other interactive gadgets that track heart rate, distance and other exercise metrics are the main fitness trend in 2020, the American College of Sports Medicine (an association of sports medicine professionals and multidisciplinary physicians) said in the results of annual survey of 3,000 fitness professionals. The survey took place in December 2019 – before the first outbreak of coronavirus. The global pandemic has forced people to spend more time at home, and fitness gadget manufacturers, on the contrary, to work. The demand for high-tech sports solutions has exceeded all forecasts.

So, this trend is growing, and it will not stop after the pandemic. The amount of smart apps in our application stores is growing. Even Apple created the subscription fitness+ program, which is really good, effective, and fun. Analysts predict, that more and more people will start to prefer to workout at home and avoid the gym. We have more and more smart gadgets like the Apple Watch for iOS users, which is a premium product (there is a budget version Apple Watch SE now too), and the budget versions like Xiaomi Mi Band for Android and iOS users (you can check the price below). 

We live in an era of digitalization. There are plenty of benefits to it and we need to use it. So, if you can’t go to the gym now, you can use these gadgets and apps now, and maybe after the pandemic, you will prefer these workouts at home. It is only your choice!

Bottom Line

In the pre-crisis years, the market gyms industry grew by 20-25% per year, with the current level of economic development, we can expect 8-10% of the market growth every year, in the fitness industry. Home gyms are more and more popular, and the COVID situation was an extra stimulus for the gamification and home gyms. We hope, you liked our home gym ideas and overall trends description. Just let us know what you think. 

And what do you prefer: gym or home workouts? 

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Vitalij Kacanovskij

Vitalij Kacanovskij

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