Best Tips to Build ​Six-Pack of Your Dreams


Every man and now even a big part of women, dreams to have a flat belly with a nicely shaped six-pack. A huge amount of people fails to achieve this goal just because of a huge amount of misunderstandings. So, here are a few reasons why people fail: 

1. Marketing – people who want to sell you products will do anything to attract you. And it doesn’t matter if it is a working one or not. In the fitness industry, you should never believe in something that is fast, it is not working that way. 

2. Misleading information – it’s difficult to say where did it come from, but a huge amount of people are saying that to get you dreamed six-pack (ABS), you need just to make ABS exercises and it is more than enough, but this is just not true. We will describe in detail this point. 

3. Radical diets – it is also one of the reasons why people fail. When you are on radical diets, you are losing weight, but also you are losing motivation, strength and muscle mass. Also, in some time your organism unconsciously starts to search for smth to eat. That way you start to grab anything that will make your organism feel short term pleasure. 

These three are not all points, we can say a much longer list of how and why people fail, but we think you came here to hear how to succeed. So, let us come to the point. Below we will tell you the best tips on how to get a flat belly and make your dreamed six-pack visible.

1. Reduce the amount of used calories


So, how we told above, a huge amount of people are just thinking that all they need to do to see their dreamed six-pack, is just need to do ABS exercises. As we told before it is not true. Most of the reasons why your six-pack is not visible are just because of your fat level. This is the reason number one! Just try to remind yourself, when you have seen a skinny guy, who never worked out in his life and his abs where visible. Yeah, these type of people exists, in the fitness world these people are call ectomorphs. They are skinny all the time and also it is a challenge for them to gain muscle. That’s why all that they usually have is ABS, but other muscles are not looking so well. But the truth is, that they can also gain muscles slowly without getting any fat. 

So, how does your diet should look like? First what you need to do is to reduce the number of consumed fats and carbohydrates. Also, a protein with fiber should dominate in your ratio. But, don’t be too extreme with it, all that you need is to have a small calorie deficit. In other words, you need to eat less than your body consumes (1). But don’t forget, every time you see that you have got rid of some extra pounds, you need to reduce the number of calories. You always need to stay in a calorie deficit. If your body mass is getting smaller than the calories consuming must be reduced too.  So, slowly with time, you will see how your fat is going away, and your six-pack is getting shape. All the details about nutrition and how to get rid of fat and look shredded you can find here. 

2. Train your abdominal muscles (ABS Workout)

abs workout

Potentially every person has ABS. The problem is that the abdominal muscles are hidden under a layer of fat stores. It is important to do exercises for your ABS. However, it does not matter how many exercises you do if the muscles of your abdomen are hidden under the fat. No one will see your six-pack under the layer of fat. Also, the percentage of body fat in your body should be about 10% – 12% or less, only then you will be able to notice some visible benefits from doing ABS exercises. But even if you can not see it with a higher body fat level, muscle tone and elasticity of the abdominal muscles will not allow your “belly” to come forward, it looks much better.

So what should be your ABS workout? First, the most common mistake is when a huge amount of people start to work out, they start to workout ABS every day, which is a mistake. Your ABS muscles are the same as all other muscles, so why are you doing it more often? They also need to rest and recover as all other muscles in your body. So, just make ABS workout twice a week, there is no use to do it more often. Also, try to use exercises for your all abdominal muscles, like crunches, leg raises, vacuum, etc. If you will be doing about 3 different exercises with 3 sets, we can say that your ABS workout will be effective. 

3. Drink more water, and avoid soda drinks


To be healthy, the body must be well supplied with water. But if you satisfy your thirst with soda drinks, milk, fruit juice or alcohol, then you consume extra calories. It’s easy to forget that a 250-gram drink can contain from 100 to 200 calories. If you want to lose weight, you need to drink water on a regular basis (2). 

Basically, it is recommended to drink at least 1 litter or 0.3 gallons of water (for women it can be 20-30% less), but if you are working out and also trying to reduce your fat level, you will have to drink much more about 1 gallon. Besides, you will feel not so hungry if you will drink more and guess what, it is 0 calories.  

4. Eat in smaller servings​

So, if you eat small servings of meals, the stomach can decrease in size, and you will feel satiety, even eating less than usual. Also, this will help to avoid making your stomach look bloated. Eating food in small servings every three hours will ensure a constant flow of energy and prevent acute attacks of hunger.

5. Fat burners​

Fat burners are not a magic pill that you can just drink and forget about diet and your workouts. But fat burners are increasing the speed of your metabolism. So, fat burners might be extra help for your body in the way of your six-pack diet. This can speed up the process of getting rid of body fat. Be sure to carefully read the product information on the label. If you have contraindications to its use, consult your doctor before using fat burning supplements. Also here you can find the best fat burner products in 2019 for men and women.

Bottom Line:

So, now you know more about how to make your six-pack visible. For getting rid of extra fat and make your six-pack visible you need to stick to the simple points. So, if you will stick to the calorie deficit, workout, get rid of bad products and eat with smaller servings you will reach your goal. But remember one of the main points, be patient! In fitness nothing happens fast, it can take months for you to make it happen. As an exception, only ectomorphs can do it faster, but not in a week or two as fake sellers try to convince you. We have many useful articles for you on our website. Check our rankings of best products on the market and articles with the best fitness tips too. 

Vitalij Kacanovskij

Vitalij Kacanovskij

I am a personal trainer, expert in dietology and ex men's physique participant. I am in love with everything related to fitness. I will try to provide the best possible information into my Blog and for this website visitors!

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