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Many people are struggling with small calves muscle issue. when the top part is massive, and bottom part of leg is thin, some gym-guys are calling it chicken legs. So, we want to say that you should not worry about it, we are here to give you a solution. Calf muscles are basically the same type of muscle as other, with small difference.

So, your legs are holding your body all the time, and when you are walking, your calves muscle basically are in some kind of work out session. So we can make a small conclusion, calf muscle are used to tension and work. And this is a small hint for you, but possibly it is just easier to read what we will write for you below.

Why my calf muscles doesn't grow? 

The muscles of the lower legs (calf muscles), as well as the muscles of the back, practically do not rest during the day, as they are forced to bear body weight and balance in the interaction, maintaining balance and stabilizing the joints when walking. This means that it is focused on a hardy developmental solution and actively uses the cushioning capabilities of tendons.

Calves muscle in an aesthetically acceptable condition can only be brought about due to hypertrophy of the underlying muscles, which is done only by lifting heavyweights. We don’t want to go deep into anatomy because it is boring and not everyone wants to read it. We will say it in simple words. So, calf muscles are used to heavy tension and to make them bigger, you need to lift much heavier weights. It is almost not possible to make them bigger in another way.

Main Mistakes

Mistake number 1: You are limiting your self with the number of reps

In the case of calves muscle, the traditional number of reps is not working. Professional bodybuilders do at least 20 reps for one leg. Usually, this is generally 25-30 repetitions. You must do it until your muscles will burn and you will not be able to continue.

Mistake number 2: Training your calf muscles together in legs work out

As a result, due to general fatigue, calves do not receive the necessary load. The solution to the problem is obvious: if the calf is your weak spot, train them first. If you can’t do this, make a separate workout for the calves, or move the calf muscle training to another activity in your split, where the total load is less.

Mistake number 3: You are not train all your calf muscle

Calf workout should not be based on one exercise and few sets. To avoid that you need to execute two or three exercises and with different angle. And we will provide you some different solutions below. 

Mistake number 4: Incorrect legs position

So, a light dilution of your toes to the outside shifts the load inside off the calf muscles and moving toes inwards will give the load to the inside calf part. but, remember to make all the angles, don’t concentrate on one legs position. 

Mistake number 5: Lack of consistency 

Calf muscles are one of the strongest part of your body, if you will not load these muscles consistently there is no any chance that they will continue to grow. Train your calves at least 1-2 a week. 


Standing Calf Raise – This exercise is designed for athletes of any level of preparedness and it concentrates on your calf very well. Also, it has a lot of variations and you can do it not only in a machine but even at home.

The ways you can do it: 

  • Standing with weights.
  • Rise on socks on one leg.
  • Standing in the machine.

Consider the technique of the exercise:

1. Get up on a beam or bean on the machine. If there is no beam available, you can use the edge of the step. You can perform the movement in Smith, substituting a step platform under your feet, and put the barbell on your shoulders.

2. Fix the body in the upright position (stable posture).

3. If extra weight is required, dumbbells or weights are taken into the hands or just adjust your weights in the machine. 

4. Next, you need to slowly lower your heels below the level of the bar, trying to stretch the ankle ligaments as much as possible.

5. Pull-on toes with a powerful impulse.

6. Fix in this position for 1-2 seconds and strain the calves.

7. Slowly lower to the starting position.


calves muscle

Calf press (platform press) – Among all exercises aimed at the development of calf muscles, this can be called conditionally complex and the most difficult. It’s all about changing the angle of the legs, which allows you to use not only the calf but also the sole.

The technique of the exercise is practically no different from the previous ones:

1. Sit in a squats machine.

2. Set a suitable working weight. It is calculated as the arithmetic mean between the working weights in the previous two exercises. Next, weights should be selected according to the loads.

3. Then you need to lower the heels, trying to stretch the calf as much as possible.

4. Rise on toes.

5. Lock in position for 1-2 seconds.

Seated Calf Raise – Despite a similar technique, the rise to the socks while sitting in the machine does not involve the calf, but the soleus muscle lying under it.

The technique of the exercise is extremely simple:

1. Set the appropriate weight on the machine (usually it is up to 60% of the working weight with a classic lifting on socks).

2. Sit in the machine.

3. Slowly lower your heels below the level of the retainer on the simulator, trying to stretch the ankle ligaments as much as possible.

4. A powerful impulsive movement to rise on toes.

5. Lock in this position for 1-2 seconds.

6. Slowly lower to the starting position.

Diet and Supplements

As we always are saying, workouts are not the only main factor to get gains, the diet is one of the most important keys for success in bodybuilding. So, the main secret to get gains is the calorie surplus, with high protein and carbohydrates food. Basically, when you are working out your body and muscles are getting small traumas, which it needs to recover and make it stronger and with lack of food, unfortunately, your body will not be able to do that. So, be ready to eat a lot! You can check all the main nutrition details in our article about tips to get gains

So, as we told you you need to be ready to eat a lot, but it is not necessary. We know that not everyone can eat a lot and there is a nice substitution for that, supplements. So, you need to get something that helps you to gain muscle and increase your strength and there are few nice items for that: 

  1. Mass gainer – Check 5 Best Mass Gainers
  2. Creatine – Check 5 Best Creatine Supplements 
  3. Whey Protein – Check 5 Best Whey Protein Powders
  4. Testosterone boosters – Check 5 Best Testosterone Booster

That doesn’t mean that you have to buy all of them, but you can combine a few. So, grab your favorite one!

Bottom Line:

So, this is a short description of what you have to do to make your calves muscle grow. Just remember, be consistent, eat a lot, progress in weights and you will definitely get your wished result with time. Just be patient and see your future goal!

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