Keto Diet Explained

The ketogenic, or keto, the diet has become increasingly popular. Currently, there is a kind of trend for radical diets, and one of these is keto diets. For some people, it is much easier to say no to some kind of products, the same as it is in a keto diet where basically you are refusing from carbs. I want to explain to you everything in detail, what is ketosis, ways to stick to the diet, keto vitamins & supplements and much more. So, stay with us and check our article where the keto diet is explained!

Keto Diet Explained

So, ketogenic diet, or like people mostly call it keto diet, includes food high in fat, but minimize or exclude food that includes carbohydrates. Reductions of carbohydrates in your body put you int a metabolic state called ketosis. When this happens, your body becomes much more efficient at starts to burn fat for energy (as it has a lack of carbs). It also turns fat into ketones in the liver, which can supply energy for the brain. (1)

This approach can have some benefits for you. 

  1. Some scientific evidence shows that it can stimulate you for weight loss. 
  2. Also, it will stimulate your health (when you don’t have extra weight you usually are getting healthier). 
  3. It can be beneficial for people with diabetes.
  4. And many more different health benefits like –  Reduce the risk of heart disease, probability of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and many more. 

How to Start Keto Diet?

Well firstly, there are few different types of keto diet. Some of them are more practical, some are more gentle. For example: 

  1. High protein keto diet: This way is better for people who are working out it usually contains about 60% of fat, 35% protein, and about 5% carbs. 
  2. SKD or the standard (ketogenic diet) way – same as in the one above it contains about 5% carbs, about 20% protein and about 75%  of fat.
  3. TKD or Targeted way (Ketogenic diet) – in this type of keto diet you are adding carbs before or just after the workout. 
  4. And the last one CKD is Cyclical (ketogenic diet) – here you are getting carbs by cycles, for example, you are having 4-5 keto days and 2-3 carbs days.
So how to start a keto diet? Possibly the easiest way for beginners will be a CKD way and reducing the carbs day every week. The drastic lack of carbs can bring quite big stress for your organism and you will definitely break the rules of the game. 

Some Tips How to Stick to Keto Diet

Firstly, make a plan, better on the paper and put it on your fridge. Then you will always see when you can eat carbs and when you have to avoid them. 
Secondly, get rid of products you need to avoid for the days without carbs, and buy them only for these days you are eating carbs. That will allow you to stick to the diet and will keep you away from extra carbs. 
Next, you can try to reduce the number of days with carbs. Until you will not be able to reduce them to a minimum or at all.
Remember, you don’t need to feel hunger so, always have a keto snack with you. 
Drink more water and tea, you also can have a few cups of coffee or a glass of red wine. 

Basic Keto Foods

Food Better to Avoid on Keto

Supplements You Need on Keto Diet

It is very important to have an optimal level of vitamin D in your organism. This vitamin is responsible for many important factors in your health. So, it helps you to keep your body fool of energy, it helps to absorb the calcium, it supports your immune system, regulates cell growth and more. 

Usually, people who are on the keto diet have a lack of vitamin d, especially the ones who are lactose intolerant. Possibly you want to ask, why vitamin D3, not just D? Well, vitamin D3 is better just because it comes from animal products which reduces your cholesterols level. However, D3 yields more calcifediol than D2 or just D. (4)

Well, as you possibly remember we told a lot of times that if you are working out, you need a big amount of protein, about 0.8–1.0 grams of protein per pound of body weight (1.6–2.0 grams per kg). Also, it will provide you some necessary vitamins & supplements you are lack on keto. 

Whey protein (or Isolate) is very well known as keto-friendly supplements for people who workout. It helps to achieve goals in muscle growth and to maintain the weight. You can check our article about the best whey proteins here!

BCAA and Glutamine are useful supplementations on the Keto diet. As, when you are not using carbohydrates, some of your processes like recovery can slow down a little even if you are working out, and then BCAA and Glutamine come in! So, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Glutamine is the most effective and will help men and women in:

  • Stimulating protein synthesis
  • Improving glucose metabolism
  • Will reduce fatigue
  • Increase the process of recovery
  • Can help safe and even grow muscles
  • And more!

Focusing on adding minerals through diet is important for people following a ketogenic diet, especially when first switching to this way of eating. On the first weeks can be challenging as the body adapts to the very low number of carbs consumed. Also, transitioning to a ketogenic diet results in increased water loss from the body.

If levels of sodium, potassium, and magnesium can drop as well, leading to symptoms like keto flu, such as headaches, muscle cramps, and fatigue. (5)

Krill Oil is a kind of elite omega 3 health supplement that is extracted from specific Antarctic krill species. Same as any fish oil or omega-3 supplements it is rich in the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Also, krill oil is attached to phospholipids, instead of triglycerides (like in fish oil), which let them be better absorbed by your organism. Especially when you are on a keto diet you need to strengthen your immune system. Also, it helps to maintain the cholesterols level which is very important when you are consuming a lot of fat and protein.

  • Better than any fish oil
  • Includes Astaxanthin what is very beneficial for your health
  • Mercury-free
  • 120mg EPA 55mg DHA
  • Help to maintain joints healthily
  • Can reduce cholesterol levels

Building Muscles on Keto Diet

Most of the studies are showing that there is a possibility to build muscle when you stick to a keto diet, but it is more complicated than just with carbs.

The most tricky thing is, when you are in ketosis state, the strength and performance are starting to struggle. So, you will definitely be less productive than the person who is on a high carbs diet. 

Main tips are:
  • If you want to make gains, you still need to have carbs surplus, and we have explained it a lot of times for you before. You need to eat at least 10% calories more than your body’s basic calorie usage. 
  • You need to eat a lot of protein food (or add supplements to make it easier). Also, you need to eat about 0.8–1.0 grams of protein per pound of body weight (1.6–2.0 grams per kg), which is quite challenging. That when supplements should be used, especially when you are in a ketosis state. BCAA and Whey Protein Supplements achieve your muscles faster and are not giving them to destroy your muscle tissue. 
  • If you want to achieve a calorie surplus on a keto diet, you need to increase fat intake too. So luckily, fat has more calories than protein and carbs and it is easier to achieve this point then. But you must count protein intake first. Also, in ketosis state, your muscles will use fat as energy instead of carbs! (2)
  • Regular workout is must be when you are in a ketosis state. Well, the truth is, that without carb you are not getting glycogen to your muscles, and it is more difficult for your body to maintain muscles. So, when the body feels it, it will try to get rid of them as soon as it is possible. Don’t let your body forget about a workout for a day, then the organism will keep them as it will feel that it have to use them. (3)

What Food you Can Eat When You Are Sticking to Keto Diet?

keto vitamins & supplements

Well, we have mentioned a big part of the foods in the chapter above, and I think there is no point to mention them again. So, all you need to know you need to avoid all carbs like bread, doughs, oats, etc. (depending on your keto diet type of course).

Also, you have to increase the fat type of food, but remember about healthy fats to avoid cholesterol increase. Include such fatty foods like avocados, redfish, a different type of nuts and olives or olive oil. 

Protein must also be one of the bigger part of your ration on the keto diet, especially when you are working out! Different types of meat, chicken, fish, and supplements like whey protein or protein isolate are you, good friends in this situation. 

Keto Diet Explained Video for Lazy Readers

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have got all the necessary information about the keto diet, ketosis, keto vitamins and supplements and many more. You already know how to start, what to avoid and what supplements you need, especially if you are an athlete. So, what do you think about it? Are you able to get rid of carbs and eat mostly fat and protein? Do you think it will work for you? 

Let us know, what are your thoughts in comments below!

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