How to Lose Weight Without Exercises

Losing weight in our minds means sticking to the diet and exercise/workout a lot. Some experts believe that exercise is not necessary for weight loss. They also add that even if you do not need to do it for weight loss, you should do it for your health. So, the main thing is how to lose weight without exercise is calorie deficit, and we will tell you more below. 

lose weight without exercise

So, how quickly you get in shape depends on your lifestyle changes. There are more and more proofs that say that physical activity is not an important element of losing weight. But also most experts are convinced that it is worth doing sports. Especially if, you want to increase the speed of weight loss, we are also interested in our muscle physique. But, you can be a little slower and lose weight without exercise. 

So, how to lose weight without exercise? Here are a few points you need to do, to make it possible. 

1. Calories deficit

To lose weight naturally, calories deficit is the basis.  So, based on the use of fewer calories during the day in relation to the body’s needs. Thus, a negative energy balance is created, which contributes to the elimination of extra pounds.

The calories you burn during the day is the sum of your basal metabolism, energy, calories burned while digesting food and any physical activity you do. 

If you want to get rid of 1 pound (0.5 kg) of fat, you need to burn 3.5 thousand more calories. So, i you wish to lose half a kilogram a week, we need to burn 500 more calories per day than we consume. Especially if you are not involved in regular exercise, you need to reduce your calorie intake. 

2. Correct diet is the key to your weight loss

Recently, various miracle diets like intermittent fasting and more have appeared, they are not wrong, but they are quite drastic and stressful.  So, just a balanced diet remains the most effective way  quickly and safely lose weight without the back effect.

It is recommended to do intuitive nutrition, which consists of the signals of hunger and satiety sent by the body. But also, you need to measure your portions carefully to reduce body weight – this will allow us to control the calorie content of dishes.

Eat meals that are low in calories, but rich in nutrients such as lean protein and vegetables. Reach out for fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats. Also, try to avoid alcohol, sugar, fried, and processed foods.

3. Activities - don't worry there ar eno exercises

A combination of a balanced diet and exercise is most effective though. But by being physically active, doesn’t necessarily means that you have to work out. 

For example, you can do: walking more, go to nature, hike, go for a swim in the sea, play something active with your friends. Just enjoy a more active life. 

While you are physically active, you can eat more while maintaining a calorie deficit. When we are active, we feel stronger and full of energy. So, you can lose weight without exercise, just don’t super lazy person. A combination of activities and healthy diet is the best way for healthy weight loss. So, weight loss for everyone happens in different ways. You and I have different preferences and lifestyles, so each of us chooses his own path to get rid of his pounds and get the desired body. If you are still not sure which method is best for you, it is worth consulting with a professional who can help you develop the best action plan.

how to lose weight without exercise

4. Weight loss supplements can be your extra booster

So, we already mentioned how to lose weight without exercise, but what if we can say that you can do it faster if you will stick to the diet? 

Weight loss supporting supplements can be good stuff if your diet is correct. They increase your fat burning process. Check out our articles about the best fat burning supplements though.

The best effective weight loss supplements are so-called thermogenic fat burners, they have such things as appetite suppressants, also thermogenic effect which stimulates your body to use your fat as energy and third main thing inhibitors. It helps you to slow down and prevent fat and other nutrients absorption from your food. 

Here are the top thermogenic which you can get for the best price and which are working the best for us: 

Bottom line:

Well, as you see it is not so difficult to lose weight without working out. You can lose weight naturally, just to eat normal portions and less caloric food, be in caloric deficit, a little more active and if you can to progress faster you can (but not must) use some weight loss supplement. It is only your choice and your body. 

So, choose to stay healthy or struggle with extra weight!

Vitalij Kacanovskij

Vitalij Kacanovskij

I am a personal trainer, expert in dietology and ex men's physique participant. I am in love with everything related to fitness. I will try to provide the best possible information into my Blog and for this website visitors!

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