How to avoid shoulder injury?

How to avoid shoulder injury?

People who are professionally engaged in bodybuilding or simply visit the gym often face shoulder injuries. As you possibly know, shoulder injuries are the most common injuries among gym visitors. This is because the shoulder joint is the most mobile and complicated joint in the human body. It is because of the high mobility of the shoulder join. It is at a higher risk of injury than all other joints. In this article, we will talk about the five most common reasons that can lead to shoulder injuries. Knowing these reasons will help you minimize the risk of shoulder injuries.

Frequent shoulder exercises with a barbell

Performing exercises on the shoulders with a barbell, you significantly limit the mobility of the shoulder joint. So, the safety of performing such exercises greatly depends on whether you can choose the right position for that exercise. This is not always possible. Also, when you perform exercises on the shoulders with a barbell, the hands are in a pronated position. Which also increases the load on the shoulder joint.

Also, another disadvantage of doing exercises on the shoulders with a barbell is that the bar unevenly distributes the load between the two shoulder joints. If one shoulder joint is damaged, then during the exercise this will be compensated for by the other shoulder joint. Well then the risk of injury increases.

Told above does not mean that you need to abandon the exercises on the shoulders with a barbell, but you need to be very careful and when pain or discomfort occurs, temporarily refuse to perform exercises with the barbell, replacing them with exercises with dumbbells and reducing working weights.

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Unbalanced Workout Program

The deltoid muscle consists of three parts – front, middle and rear. The development of all three beams should occur evenly since a lag of one of the beams can lead to a violation of the mechanics of movement during the exercise, which significantly increases the risk of injury. As a rule, the rear bundle is staying smaller, and the most developed is the front one. To avoid injuries, try to evenly develop the entire deltoid muscle, performing exercises on all its bundles.

Impingement Syndrome

Current syndrome is also called rotator cuff syndrome – this is the condition of the shoulder joint in which the tendons of the rotator cuff are squeezed during movement. The reason for squeezing is a collision between the humeral head and the acromion. Squeezing leads to trauma, inflammation and, in some cases, to the destruction of tendons.

Impingement syndrome is one of the most common problems with the shoulder joints, which occurs, as a rule, due to the structural features of the acromial process. If you’ll face this syndrome, you must completely stop performing exercises that cause pain and begin to engage in physical therapy, aimed at restoring your shoulder.

Increasing the viscosity of the synovial fluid

So, it is an elastic mass that fills the space inside the joints and prevents friction of the articular surfaces. Sometimes, due to stress or a prolonged sedentary lifestyle, the viscosity of the synovial fluid may increase, which will lead to difficulty in movement. To avoid this and joint injury, it is necessary to avoid stress and regularly stretch all joints, including the shoulder.

The same type of workouts

If during training you constantly perform the same exercises on the shoulders, your shoulder joints get used to certain movements and their mobility decreases, which leads to an increased risk of a shoulder injury. So, to avoid this, it is necessary to perform various exercises with different motion vectors. It is also necessary to perform stretching, which will allow you to maintain maximum joint mobility. We also recommend you to read our article about the best shoulders execrises, which will help you to make some changes in your daily routine.

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