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The US Nutrition and Aging Research Center have determined that muscle mass decreases by about 1% per year for men after 30 years of age. Also, the level of testosterone is getting lower. That is one of the reasons men lose muscle mass. However, what is most interesting, the bottom part of the belly is getting bigger. So, we want to tell you how to avoid it, we will tell you about how to boost testosterone naturally, everything about low testosterone levels and natural testosterone boosters!

What Is Testosterone and Why Do You Need to Increase Low Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. Its level ranges from 300 to 1,000 ng/kg, because of age, excess weight, various diseases. Here are a few indirect signs of low testosterone that suggest a testosterone deficiency:

  • Lower libido and erection issues
  • Hair loss on the head, face, and body
  • Muscle mass loss and gain of fat
  • Osteoporosis or bone fractures due to increased fragility
  • Mood changes, depression, irritability, lack of concentration
  • Reduced fitness performance
  • Sperm reduction (an issue for people who want to start making children)

The above symptoms are not necessarily associated with testosterone levels but may indicate a deficiency. To accurately know the level of the hormone, you need to take tests and, if it is really reduced, consult a doctor for treatment.

At the same time, you can increase testosterone by natural methods and get many benefits from it: lose weight, build muscle, improve athletic performance and sexual function.

Visible Changes if Your Testosterone Levels Is Higher?

So what are the benefits of the high testosterone? Possibly you will be surprised by some of them, but you will definitely notice them when you will make it higher. 

  • Increases your metabolism speed – A high level of testosterone significantly speeds up the metabolism, which means that you will not quickly gain excess weight, even taking into account the fact that men need more food than women.
  • Improved circulation – Testosterone has a positive effect on blood circulation, which is achieved by increasing the nitric oxide enzyme – it dilates and relaxes blood vessels and arteries.
  • Mood improvement – Low testosterone levels are associated with depression, apathy, and chronic fatigue. Scientists have revealed that a high level of this male hormone has a beneficial effect on self-esteem, and also helps to increase motivation.
  • Speed of thinking and good orientation – Most men are better oriented in space than women, and the hormone testosterone one of the reasons. This skill was acquired since ancient times when men often had to leave their settlements and go long distances to return with their prey.
  • High stamina – Testosterone can easily penetrate the brain, improving the characteristics of the central nervous system of a person. This hormone, penetrating the structure of the central nervous system of a person helping to establish communication with organs and muscles and allowing them to function to the limit of their capabilities.
  • Muscular development – It is this hormone that is responsible for protein synthesis and for muscle growth. Muscle size and strength depend on it.
  • Increase Libido – Yes, testosterone is directly related to your libido and it also increase sperm count. 

Reasons Why You Can Have Low Testosterone Levels

Usually low testosterone level doesn’t happen by itself. It happens because of bad lifestyle habits or we can say the consequences of bad habits. 

  • Obesity – Fat tissue increases the activity of the enzyme, aromatase, which converts precious testosterone to estrogen, which causes low testosterone for most men.
  • Lack of sleep – Reducing sleep increases cortisol the stress hormone, which is the opposite of testosterone. The higher the level of cortisol, the lower the level of testosterone.
  • Stress – Stress is one of the cortisol boosters as well, so basically consequences are the same as with lack of sleep.
  • Nutrient deficiency – It is impossible to develop a normal level of testosterone without trace elements such as zinc and vitamin D. Problems arise because of the consumption of foods that contain simple carbohydrates, trans fats, and soy.  Also, excessive alcohol consumption and lack of sunlight reduce testosterone levels.

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Well, to improve your testosterone levels you will need to make some changes in your lifestyle, nutrition and possibly add some supplements to boost it easier. So, here are some things you need to change: 

  • Start to exercise and lift weights – Exercise is one of the most effective ways to boost testosterone levels and feel much better in a short time. There are a number of studies that prove that people with obesity (or without) who started to work out regularly had a good testosterone level increase. 
  • Eat correctly – Definitely your diet must be corrected. Usually, it is one of the main reasons. There should be a balance between fats, protein, and carbohydrates. So try to avoid trans fats, soy, and other junk food. Also, remember do not avoid the animal type of fats, just try to balance it. Animal source fats are a good booster for testosterone. 
  • Sleep more – As we told above, lack of sleep is one of the reasons you can get lower testosterone levels. So try to sleep at least 7 hours, and don’t try to sleep less than 6 hours. 
  • Reduce alcohol amount – Studies show that excess alcohol speeds up the conversion of testosterone and other androgens to estrogens (roughly speaking, male hormones into female hormones). So, if you want to maximize testosterone production, avoid gaining extra weight, just reduce alcohol consumption. 
  • Workouts – There are a lot of scientific proofs that workouts boost testosterone levels. Also, it can reduce the fat percentage and improve cardiorespiratory (1).

Natural Testosterone Boosters Foods

  • Vitamin D – So, this supplement is one of the fat-soluble types. Usually, you are getting this vitamin when you are spending a lot of time on sunlight, but still, most of the people still are lacking it (2). Also, by increasing vitamin D stores may significantly boost testosterone in your organism.
  • Fenugreek – It is one of the natural testosterone boosters which may help you. There are some studies that show that it can reduce enzymes that are converting testosterone to estrogen. 
  • Ginger – So ginger has tremendous health benefits, also some researches are showing that it reduces inflammation and also boost testosterone levels (3). There are even a few studies that show that quality and amount of sperm was increased during taking the ginger supplements (4). 
  • Zinc – Well, Zinc deficiency can reduce testosterone production. Also, magnesium and zinc can be lost through sweat, so athletes and other people who sweat a lot can be in a deficit of it (5). 
  • Ashwagandha – Recent studies on ashwagandha showed good increases in testosterone levels. So a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, where 57 healthy men between the ages of 18 – 64 were tested. The men were given 650 mg of ashwagandha extract every day for 8 weeks. Researchers found an increase in testosterone (6). 
  • Tribulus Terrestris – This herb is known for ages in herbal medicine by making men’s health stronger. Lots of studies shown that Tribulus Terrestris improved sexual health and also increased their testosterone (7). However, it is not helping young people. 

Best Natural Testosterone Boosters Supplements

We want to introduce you to some natural supplements which can boost your testosterone. These supplements include all nutrients we mentioned above before. There are thousands of clients who are satisfied with the effect of these supplements. 

P.S. If you will not be satisfied with it they all have 60-90 days money-back guarantee! So, you should take a try!

TestoGen is a natural testosterone supplement that is able to increase your production of testosterone. In other words, it will help you to feel more manly. Also, raising your testosterone levels it will raise your strength, increase your libido, you will feel more energy and you will be able to workout longer.

TestoFuel is a brand name that is known with premium-quality products that span in years. It also is promoted by Robby Robinson, a very well known champion of bodybuilding in the Golden Era. The development of these supplements has made a proud legacy.

Prime Male is a supplement which was created with understanding that higher testosterone level is a really important factor for efficient muscle growth. Also, it is making you a hard-driving, healthy, energetic person like you were younger.

Bottom Line and Short Topic Checklist

That basically is all that you need to know about low testosterone levels. So, now you know how to boost testosterone naturally. Let us make a short review: 

  • Change your lifestyle
  • Sleep more
  • Try to avoid stress 
  • Reduce alcohol
  • Eat healthier
  • Try natural testosterone boosters they might really help you! 
  • Start working out

Low testosterone levels can be a real problem for a man, but now you actually know how you can solve it! 

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