Best Supplements for Men Over 40

best supplements for men

As you possibly know, we have a few fazes in our life, and workout for 20 years old will not be the same as for the person who is over 40 years old. As a personal trainer, I used to analyze a lot of books, to figure out, how men can stay fit over 40 and what are the best supplements for men over 40 years old. So, as always I will split the article to a few parts that you could get maximally clear information and could know what to do if you want to stay fit longer and save your health!

The Way of Work out to Stay Fit Over 40

Now when you are not far from your 40 or over 40 you need to be even more consistent than you were before. Possibly you remember this time when you could work out much more, after-parties even when you had a lack of sleep, but know your body is letting you know, that it has a lack of energy if you will do it and it will start to protect itself by harming you. We want to make a few main points you need to do and what you need to avoid during your workout and diet. So, first we will tell you what is better to do. 

Type of workouts

Well, the truth is the older you are getting,  you will have to avoid some stuff. You also will need to change the style of your workout, concentrate on different goals, etc.  

Tip number 1 – reduce weights and increase the number of reps. So, with time, your joints and bones are not getting stronger, and even if you are able to take bigger weight it is better to avoid it. Just reduce it a little and try to increase the number of reps. It doesn’t mean that you will become weaker, just instead of increasing your weights every time, try to add reps instead.  
Tip number 2 – Cardio, you must do it to strengthen your durability and heart, but also you should not overdo. You need to pay attention to your heart rate. So, your puls depending on age, heart rate should be about 220 minus your age. Also if it is much higher, just reduce your cardio intensity. 
Tip number 3 – reduce the time of your workout. You can increase the number of your workouts but reduce the timing. So, your workout should be about 40 minutes, it can be even every day but stay in this time frame. Remember, that too much tension to increase a lot of risks for your body.  


So, when you are becoming 40, you need to make a blood analysis more often. And relating to your blood analysis you need to check what you can eat, and what you can’t. But, also there are few overall recommendations which might help you to feel better. 

Food amount – possibly it will be a drastically big change in your diet, but you will be feeling better when you will get used to sticking to it. With time it is getting harder and harder to process it. So, just reduce servings, but increase the number of meals. Reduce hard food, like red meat, burgers, sausage,  etc.

Also, just try to increase the amount of healthy omega 3 fats and reduce animal fats. Add some vegetable fats like avocado, olive oil, nuts, etc. 

Also, remember to stay in your calorie brackets, with age your metabolism is slowing down, so to reduce or maintain the weight you should not have calories surplus. (1)


Best Supplements for Men Over 40​

So, supplements, they are giving you the biggest amount of questions. What is best for you when you are getting over 40. We are orienting more for the people who are working out, so if you are not these supplements will not harm you, but possibly they are not essential for you so much. We want to mention two types of supplements, for your health and for the gym as well. So, here are the best supplements for men over 40!

Fitness supplements:

Firstly it is a perfect supplement for gaining and maintaining muscles, which makes it easier for you. Also, with age, your body will struggle more to process all the protein from meat, and whey protein is a perfect substitution for it. Below we will introduce one of the top products you can obtain, and also you can check the article about best whey protein powders, where you will have bigger choice. 

Whey protein is a very well known supplement which is helping to build muscle, reduce weight and is really delicious snack. 

It is also is extremely effective at preserving muscle mass when you are getting older and also is perfect for your digestion, as it is much easier to process than a meat meal. Also important, whey protein is an extremely fast-absorbing supplement. This makes it a perfect supplement to use right after your workout to feed your damaged muscles.

Creatine is possibly the most popular, cheap and effective fitness supplement. It will raise your durability, strength and will help you even to gain some muscle mass. So, this supplement definitely will help you to stay fit over 40. The effect is almost immediate, even on the first second week of using it you will feel some effect. 

Well, usually, you can get a nice portion of creatine from red meat and fish, but firstly it is not enough and secondly after your 40 is better to reduce the amount of red meat to a minimum. So, to avoid eating huge amounts of red meat, you can just have this supplement and enjoy all the benefits of creatine. 

Creatine helps to regenerate a molecule called adenosine triphosphate or better known as ATP. It gives your body energy, strength and increases your durability. Without creatine, it is quite problematic to build muscles. Also, with time ATP production is slowing down and your energy drops down. This is very often affected if you are not consuming enough meat and fish. So, the creatine monohydrate is refiling creatine in your body and gives you a good amount of energy. Well this supplement is just must be for you and this is the reason why it is in your list of best supplements for men. 

Testosterone boosters are a very good working supplement for people with low testosterone levels or for people who are getting older. But young people usually do not feel too much effect as they have high their own testosterone levels. It probably will not help you to gain muscle but can increase strength a little and make you feel much better (more manly). 

Well, there are a lot of myths, that this supplement is making miracles, but we want to say that for young people it is not making too much effect, and very often we hear critics to this supplement side from young people. But this is just because young people should not use it at all, it is a supplement for people who testosterone is getting lower, and there is a lot of proof that it is effective. So, it is a perfect supplement which is helping to stay fit over 4o. 

Definitely, you need to get your daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals. So, multivitamin complexes can give it to you. You will feel the difference very fast if you weren’t using multivitamins before. Your mood will be better, you will feel more energy and also how fast your recovery is.

Unfortunately, with the current quality of food people are getting much fewer vitamins than they should, and after your 40 you need them even more. Also, if you are working out, you are losing much more vitamins and minerals than ordinary people, just because vitamins and minerals are going away with sweat. Currently, it is an essential supplement for everyone, not only for people who are over 40. Also, it can help you in strengthening your bones, increase your metabolism and recover faster. 

The next one is fish oil. This oil is absolutely amazing for people of all ages. It becomes especially important when we’re in our 40s 50s 60s. So the main reason is that it has the special omega-3 fatty acids and those omega-3 fats really help you to keep your heart healthy, keep our brain healthy, also it improves memory and it can improve muscle building and even fat burning. Well, this supplement is must for you if you want to stay fit over 40. 

So, fish oil is great possibly you do not have to supplement a fish oil if you’re eating cold-water fatty fish like salmon or sardines a couple of times per week, but if you’re not getting the fish, then fish oil is your friend on daily basis. It is a great supplement, in fact for a lot of guys who are transitioning from an unhealthy diet into a healthy diet, fish oil can also help in those initial weight loss efforts. Just because the fish oils actually get incorporated into the outer layer of your cells all of our cells have this phospholipid bilayer it’s a layer of fat that surrounds the cell. So, the fish oil gets inserted into those layers and makes them more fluid and healthy. Also, it helps all of our cells function better and this is incredibly important as we age and we need to have healthy cells. So if you are interested in more products check our article about best Omega-3 Supplements below. 

6. Curcumin/Turmeric

The next supplement is turmeric and curcumin. So, it’s that orangist powder you know it’s a spice that’s used in a lot of Indian cooking and we’re learning so much more about how turmeric and curcumin. Turmeric is the spice curcumin is the curcuminoids that are in turmeric that are actually the active constituent is one of nature’s best anti-inflammatories and anti-cancer compounds. It also is almost like a miracle compound for research shows that turmeric helps reduce and shrink the size of tumors. Also, it’s one of the best natural anti-inflammatories for improving joint health, decreasing pain. This is definitely one of the best supplements for men of all ages. 

So, if you’re over 40 I know you have aches and pains and certain joints like shoulders, your knees or your low back, turmeric can definitely help.
It generally just helps keep your overall body healthy by controlling inflammation. And chronic inflammation is at the root of all
pretty much all major diseases. So, if we can have things like the fish oil and the turmeric that decrease that inflammation you’re just going to be much healthier overall. Turmeric is also a great thing to take regularly.
Also, turmeric it’s not very biologically active, the absorption of turmeric is not very active on its own, so usually, it is going together with some black pepper extract to improve its sorption.

Bottom Line

So, these are the best supplements for men and it will definitely help you to stay fit over 40. You will also feel better, more manly, and it will help you to save and even gain some muscles. Of course, you need to make full blood analysis and check everything with your doctor, but these supplements will help you anyway, you just need to check if you have some lack of securities. 

Check these products out and tell us what is your favorite product! 

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