Best home workout equipment

home fitness equipment

Have you ever thought that you can have your small home gym, workout at home and avoid crowded gyms? But you think workout equipment is too expensive and take too much space at your home? Well, not necessarily. You can stay in shape and progress with the most simple equipment. It will not take too much space, and is not very expensive as well. So, we want to introduce you to some small and medium-size equipment you can use at home daily. Also, the main thing is that home fitness equipment is affordable and you can hide it somewhere in your home corner.

If you think that you will not be able to get gains or lose weight at home, you are wrong. Of course, if you want to be a huge bodybuilder, there are some limitations, but just to stay in shape, lose weight or gain some muscles, is a possible goal!

So, we want to tell you how you can make a mini home gym, where you will be able to feel comfortable and see similar progress. We will include both weight and cardio equipment in this article. 

1. Types of workout equipment

    • Cardio equipment
    • Bodyweight Resistance Equipment
    • Weight equipment

2. Cardio equipment

    • Rowing Machine
    • Indoor Bike
    • Foldable Treadmill

3. Bodyweight Resistance Equipment

    • Ab Roller
    • Resistance Bands
    • TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training

4. Weight Equipment

    • Adjustable dumbbells
    • Adjustable Kettlebell

5.  Ways of workout 

    • Muscle gain
    • Weight loss

1. Types of workout equipment

Cardio Equipment

Cardio is an important part of every workout program. It helps to lose fat faster, makes your heart stronger increases your stamina and also helps to burn fat faster. And yes, we also know that you can hate it, or possibly even love it, but it must be a part of your workout. Usually, cardio equipment helps you to make some more intensive exercises, like run, jump, jog, walk, etc. Also, you can change intervals and intensity, to raise your heart bit faster and get it back slower again. Usually, it takes a bit more place at your home, but it is easy to moveable or foldable.

Bodyweight Resistance Equipment

So, body resistance workout equipment usually involves some kind of opposing force which is making some tension in your muscles. Usually, you can use your body weight, plus extra tension from the workout equipment. Also, we can say that this method is the most effective for home, as it doesn’t take too much space, and it is more than enough just to maintain the good shape of your body. And also, this type of home workout equipment is typically budget-friendly.

Weight Equipment

If you want to gain bigger muscles, you need to lift heavy. So, this equipment can be a little costly, but usually, it doesn’t take too much place, except for the machines. But we will talk about the big machines on a different topic. Here we will mention the necessary one, and which takes less place in your apartment. So, why you need to lift heavy? First what you need to do if you want to gain bigger muscles is to break down muscle fiber. And to do that, you need to lift heavy weight for some period of time. After, you need some rest to recover (anabolism)

2. Cardio Equipment

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines is one of the best cardio workout equipment. So, the biggest benefit of it is that when you are working out on a rowing machine, all the body is working. It will help to burn fat faster and also they tone your muscles, strengthen cardiovascular function, and improve your endurance. So, if you are thinking to burn fat faster, and improve your physical conditions, this machine is number one for you! Rowing is also a nice alternative for people with back or joint problems.

Indoor Bike

It is a good alternative to a normal bike. It is safer than a normal bike, and also you can ride it while watching tv for example. Also, if you want to move it, it is easy movable because it has small wheels. It is a good exercise, which is not requiring you to do a lot, just move your legs. The current model makes you feel like you are riding a real bike. You’ll also like that it comes with an easy-to-read LED display that monitors your heart rate, speed, calories, etc.

Foldable Treadmill

Usually, when people think about the cardio, they think about the treadmill. You can hate it o love it, but this is the most popular cardio machine. When you are choosing a treadmill for your home gym, you need to think not only about quality but and how much place it takes? There are so many treadmills on the market at different price levels and features. But we want to introduce you to one nice model Goplus ultra-thin​ folding treadmill. It is not expensive, and you can fold it after your workout and just put it to the corner.

3. Bodyweight Resistance Equipment

Ab Roller

The ab roller is one of the most popular of home fitness equipment because it is cheap, portable, and the main thing it works. It is good ab enhancer and it also helps make all body muscles stronger. But you need to be careful with it, if you are not used to this kind of exercise start slowly and on your knees, because you can hurt yourself (especially your back). 

Resistance Bands

Usually, people are a little skeptical about the resistance bands, but they shouldn’t. It is a good cheap alternative to stay in shape and you can take it wherever you want. They are made to hold up through repetitive full-body workouts. Of course, you will not build huge muscles with it, but you can stay in good shape. Also, it is a good way to start your gym way, and you can train basically all the muscles with them. It is just a mini beginner gym at your home. Also, it doesn’t take any space in your apartment, isn’t this perfect? This is the most affordable gym you can have.

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training

This is a perfect mobile and portable gym you can take and use anywhere you want. You can use it at home, work, forest, etc. You just need to anchor it to any secured location and you can workout anywhere inside or outside. The TRX ALL-IN-ONE training suspension system is quite effective for all your body muscles. It also includes a workout guide to make sure that you will have a huge choice of exercises and would never be bored. It is a little more expensive than, resistance bands, but it is the most effective one too, or you can just buy both!

4. Weight Equipment

Adjustable Dumbbells

Ok, the weight equipment is little more costly, but you know, that to gain muscles, you need to lift heavy. So, dumbbells are one of the most known and valuable pieces of equipment. Also, these adjustable weights by Bowflex have a perfect feature to adjust the weight you need. Just with a turn of a dial, you have access to the weights you want from 5 to 52.5 pounds (from 2kg to 25kg). What makes it perfect for beginners and for more advanced athletes. This is a great feature that allows you to vary your workouts and to challenge yourself every-time. Also, you do not need to buy any extra weights, or new dumbbells. So, this is the perfect solution for home fitness equipment!

Adjustable Kettlebell

Kettlebells are one of the best workout equipment you can have at home. But having a set of them at home isn’t very comfortable and it is taking a lot of space. So, the benefit of this variant is that you can choose the weight you need. It can weight from 22 to 35 pounds with a simple move. There is also a newer (electronic) solution, but usually, they are much more expensive, and we want to spend less money right? So, this solution is perfect for you and the main thing is the money-saving solution.

5. Ways of workout

Muscle gain

So, to make gains you need to lift heavy weights (to create hypertrophy) and better do it without any rush. Usually, athletes have a huge amount of disputes about the number of reps for gaining muscles. Should it be around 6 to 10, or 10 to 15? Last scientific researches showed one truth for us, it doesn’t matter how much, it matters how long. In other words, the tension in your muscles must last about 30-40 seconds. Depending on your executing exercise speed, you need to be on your limit in your 30-40th second. 

Diet is the next important factor, if you will not have the calorie surplus, there is a huge probability that you will fail. So, if you want to know more details about the way of working out, diet, sleep, supplements, check our article about making gains.

Weight loss

So, weight loss workouts are pretty simple. Usually, it is cardio, high reps and diet. The truth is, that you can stay without cardio and just to cut the amount of your nutrition, but it is clear that the result will be becoming slower. So, you have to include 20-30 minutes of cardio. Also, you need to lift lighter weights, but make more reps, and you need to reduce the amount of calories intake per day. It looks pretty simple, and it actually is. More details about how to burn fat and stay shredded are in our other article. 

Bottom line

Well, now you know more about the home fitness equipment. Also now, when you are lazy to go to the gym, you always can do something at home. You will not be able to make excuses and think it’s too expensive, too far, too crowded, now you can do it at home as well. Also, you can exercise whenever and however you like with some home fitness equipment. So, what is your favorite home gym equipment?

Vitalij Kacanovskij

Vitalij Kacanovskij

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