Ab Exercises or How to Get Flat Tummy

Well, I think everyone wants to have a flat tummy and a visible six-pack, but there are so many myths that are basically not true.  So, today I want to tell about all the myths about how to get rid of your tummy. I also will tell you how to get a flat tummy and make your abs visible. So, you will be able to perform the best ab exercises at home. Also, you will know everything from exercises to the other point you need to know. There are so many theorists but we need practical information. Today I will give you recommendations that work, and also will allow you in the shortest time to get the maximum results.

ab exercises

Why Should You Make Ab Exercises?

So, nowadays there is a lot of information and not everything is clear what really needs to be done to get the result and why do you need this. Firstly, let’s figure out what are ab muscle and what function it performs. When we are talking about the ab, we usually mean the front part of it. These are the cubes or so-called six-pack. 

So, why should you make ab exercises? 

  • Your indicators in all other exercises where the body core is involved directly depend on how much ab muscles are developed. Weak ab muscles will become an obstacle to a beautiful body.
  • Your internal organs are protected by layers of muscle. The stronger these muscles are, the less likely it is to get injured not only during the workout but also in ordinary life.
  • So, one of the most important roles of abdominal muscles is for your spinal health. Also, your posture will be correct and it will remove stoop.
  • During ab exercises, the internal organs of the abdominal cavity are more intensively enriched with oxygen. Which basically means they are less prone to inflammation and other problems. With proper nutrition you can avoid, gastritis, ulcers, colitis, and other gastrointestinal diseases. 

Myths About Ab Exercises

Here we show a few myths about flat tummy and ab exercises. You just need to know that people who tell them, usually do not know what are they talking about (if it is not a personal trainer or veteran of the gym). 

If you are making ab exercises, then you will get a flat tummy faster.

The most common and the most erroneous opinion. The ab muscles or “rectus abdominis” is the same muscle as any other muscle in your body. In response to a muscle load, it will answer you with only one thing – hypertrophy. So, that means under the layer of fat, the muscle layer will become bigger.

Separation of the ab muscles into the upper and lower parts.

This separation is conditional. In reality, there are only rectus and oblique muscles of your ab. When you are making your ab exercises, only one muscle works. To get the so-called six-packs, you need to increase additional muscle fibers, and also decrease fat levels.

Only daily-high reps can make your ab visible.

Well, your ab muscle is the same as your other muscles, so you need to use the same rules as for other muscles. So, you should make an ab exercise once or twice a week, and if you have too much fat it still will not be visible. 

Crunches are the best ab exercises.

It is stupid to say that crunches are not effective, they definitely are but not the most one. So, studies have shown that the most effective way to train your ab muscle is to perform exercises, in which short muscles of the abdomen work together where you are bending your hips (the upper body of your legs)

It is not enough to make ab exercises at home.

Well, this myth is mostly created by the fitness industry. They want you to buy a membership, machines, etc. You can do ab execises at home, and progress pretty fast. You also can get a flat belly with your dreamt six-pack at home. 


So, the first what you want to know is that the main thing to make your ab muscle visible is diet. Possibly you have your ab and possibly they are quite fit, but the fat layer is thick. So, that main goal for you should be to reduce the amount of fat under your skin. You can make ab exercise at home or in the gym, but it will not help you if you are to fat. Let’s just make a hashtag and admit #fatisnotpretty . 

Just take a food scale and measure all what you are eating, because believe me or not, it will make your life easier when you know what and how much you are eating.

Last but not least factor, please don’t be lazy to read the nutritional facts of the product you are buying, you will be surprised how much you will know when you will start to do that. 

If you want to see the correct way how to eat check our article about the best tips to burn fat and get shredded.

Also, if you want to get rid of fat faster you can check our articles about the best fat burners for men and women.  

Ab Exercises

Well, we will tell you the main exercises you need to do to evolve. If you will see that it is too easy for you with time just take some weight or perform it slower. As we told above, you can make ab exercises at home or in the gym with special equipment, but remember that your body weight is more than enough to make your tummy flat. Don’t overdo with reps, better make few different exercises with 2-4 sets and 10-15 reps. This is more than enough to make a good tummy shape and make your abs visible.

  •  Crunches – the most loved exercise, and yes it is an effective one. There is one issue with this exercise though. Most of the people can’t perform it correctly. Most of the people are rasing all the torso, but you shouldn’t let your lower part of the back raise over the floor it should stay on it, like in example below. 
ab exercises at home
  • Leg raise – this ab exercise is performed in two ways, with fixation of the back in the machine or wall (see photo), or without it. So, during execution, the body remains stable, and only the legs should be raised above the bottom part of your tummy. It is important to feel the ab muscles and constantly monitor the movement. This exercise can also be executed on the floor, it is better to start for beginners. 
  • Vacuum – oh, this one is legendary. It is the most favorite exercise of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane. Also, it is the only exercise that can make help you to make your tummy flatter visually even if you have more fat. But don’t think that it will help you to burn fat. It just helps to make a good form for your ab muscle and make them flatter if they were stretched. To execute the Stomach Vacuum, stand upright and place your hands on your hips, and exhale all the air out of your lungs, completely. Expand your chest, and bring your stomach in as much as possible, and hold. Try to hold in this position as long as possible and repeat it about 10 times. 
flat tummy
  • Knee Roll-Out – This exercise is possibly the only one where you will need small equipment, which doesn’t cost a lot. This ab exercise is a little more advanced, but you can start with few reps and increase the amount with time. Try to roll out as far as possible without arching your back. Ideally lowering your torso to just above the ground. If you’re not able to do this, try lowering only halfway. You may also want to use a pad under your knees. You can easily make this ab exercise at home, just buying minimal equipment in ranges of 50 dollars. 
ab exercises at home

Bottom Line:

So, these are the main information you need to know about how to make ab exercises at home, how to make your six-pack visible and make your tummy flat. If you have more questions just let us know in comments. Also, if we missed something we will be able to fulfill it. And what is your favorite ab exercise? 

Vitalij Kacanovskij

Vitalij Kacanovskij

I am a personal trainer, expert in dietology and ex men's physique participant. I am in love with everything related to fitness. I will try to provide the best possible information into my Blog and for this website visitors!

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