5 Tips To Make your Recovery Faster

Muscle pain, apathy, loss of motivation – that is not an indicator of your weakness. It is only evidence that the body did not have time to recover from the previous workout pressure. So, after a workout, it is important to give the body the opportunity to take a break from stress and recover for the next workout session. From the quality of your recovery will depends a lot, such things like next results, muscle growth and also even a mood. So, for quick recovery, you need to follow simple rules during daytime and nutrition, also use additional tools that will help you regain strength and desire to train.

So, what helps fast recovery after workouts?

1. Pre-workout food

bowl muesli breakfast

The speed of your body recovery  directly depends on how you eat during the day. So, the diet should be balanced, i.e. proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and also water must be present in the required proportions and contain enough calories. You definitely need to concentrate in amount of proteins and carbohydrates, but also it depends what is you ration now, for that we have two other articles about how to make gains and how to get shredded. So, here will just make a recommendation what to eat before your workout. As you need to have energy before your workout, we need to concentrate on carbohydrates. So, good one is to eat mix of slow and fast (containing sugar) carbohydrates plus some protein. That way your body will be ready for to recover. 

5 tips what better to eat before your workout:  
  • 1Glass of orange juice + ½ tablespoon protein powder
  • Greek yogurt + 1 glass of berries 
  • Mixture: 1 cup of oats, 2 some dried fruits,  tablespoon of nuts.
  • ½ nutritional bar
  • A small cup of cereal with milk and ½ banana

2. Post-workout food

eggs and bread

The body consumes a huge amount of energy for your workout, which must be restored after your workout session. Firstly, it is worth taking a portion of protein shake or BCAA after workout, which protects the muscles from damage and helps the body to recover. Secondly, an hour later, you can  take a portion of carbohydrates and replenish the supply of glycogen. Also remember one of the main things is to drink before, during and after training!

What should you eat after a workout? 

To regain your energy and to get your necessary nutrition, so your body could work and recover properly must be a good portion of protein, and some carbohydrates portion. So, you can eat something like: 

  • Fruit Smoothie with whey protein
  • 2 hard boiled eggs + tomato slice and whole grain bread
  • 1 cup of chopped turkey on a salad with whole grain bread
  • Canned tuna + whole wheat pita
  • ¾ cup of cottage cheese with fruit

3. Sleep enough

more sleep

The main condition for recovery after exercise is enough amount of sleep. Firstly, when you are sleeping, your body is recovering intensively and particularly muscles. The required sleep duration depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and averages 8 hours. So, lack of sleep can  increase in the time required by the body to restore muscle, also can cause problems with concentration and poor health. (1)

4. Warm up before and after the workout


You should never miss a warm-up before your workout, besides not only muscles need a warmup, but also and joints and cardiovascular system. Subsequent workout will not be a “shock” for the body, and also the concentration of lactic acid (lactate) in the blood and muscles will decrease. Hitch helps tired muscles to get rid of accumulated hydrogen ions and utilize lactic acid, so the athlete feels much better after work-out: also the muscles will not be so hard and heavy, the risk of injuries will decrease, besides fatigue will be much smaller, and the mood will be better. So, for hitch it can be good to make a stretching. (2)

5. Supplements

muscle gain

It is not mandatory thing, but believe they are super boosters of your recovery. As we told, food is one of main factors of recovery, but we didn’t mentioned that it is quite difficult to eat correct amount of food. Also, there are some supplements, which are created for recovery and definitely can help you a lot. 

Recovery supplements: 
1. BCAA – is the best post-workout recovery supplement. Also, it can be nice sweet drink for you during or after the workout. We recommend to check our article about BCAA!
2. Whey protein powder – protein shakes are known in the whole world, besides they can be a delicious snack for you. Also which help you to regenerate faster. Check our whey protein article too!
3. Although creatine’s main role is to increase your strength, it also helps increase the recovery rate of muscles, as  it helps you to train at a higher frequency.

Bottom line:

So, we mentioned the 5 best tips to recover faster and there are even more tips, but if you will do at least part of what is above, believe us you will recover much faster. You need to remember that the importance of food, rest, stretching etc. are really same important as workout itself. Besides, you will progress better with this tips as well. 

Please note – we do not recommend you take ANY supplements featured on this site without consulting a doctor first.

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Vitalij Kacanovskij

Vitalij Kacanovskij

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