5 Common Gym Mistakes Beginners Make

Most beginners do not know how to start making fitness or bodybuilding workouts and make a number of unacceptable mistakes. So, that what we want to tell you now and after will be able to avoid them. You are coming to the gym for a specific purpose, to get in shape, to feel better etc. Very often people think that they just will just start to go to the gym and start doing random exercises. Also, they think that they will need nothing more for this, because you are not planning to do it on professional level. But, I want to tell you on practice, so many people were coming to me after bad experience and asking for help. I want you could to avoid main mistakes, so below are the 5 most common fitness mistakes beginners make!

1. Workout without plan and schedule

workout plan

Training without a plan and schedule is the most common mistake of a beginner. Without a workout plan, you will not achieve any goal. Because of the chaos and the irregularity of the exercises, it will not lead you to anything. You will simply walk around the gym, without knowing what exercise to do next.

There are all possible workout plans, for mass gaining, for losing weight, for strength increasing, for beginners, for more experienced guys etc. Besides you need to take into account the factor that you are a beginner, you are not Phil Heath or Arnold Schwarzenegger. You have your own body physics and needs. Many people are thinking that they are not worse than Arnold or Phil, but this is one of the hugest delusions! The workout plan of Arnold, was designed specifically for his needs, as he had his genetic pros and cons and he was experienced athlete. You need to create your own workout plan that is correct for you to achieve a particular goal step by step. 

2. Overdoing or workout too long


Another equally big mistake is that the majority is guided by the fact that if you workout more time in the gym, the better and faster result will be. Unfortunately it is not working that way! So, you should spend not more than an hour and a half. Besides, better make your workout not shorter than 45 minutes as well. Also if a person is working out too long, so called overtraining is possible.  As a result you can feel stress and lack of energy. In other words, overtraining is, when your workout exceeds the recovery capabilities of your body. It also can cause loss of your muscle, effectivity and strength.

Also you need to make breaks, especially if you are a beginner. After workout make a day break and if you eat correctly, sleep enough and possibly use some extra supplements you will be fully recovered and ready to workout again. 

3. You are concentrating only on workout


It is a huge fitness mistake when person concentrate all his attention only on gym, but completely forgets about such important things as nutrition and sleep. Remember, only 30% of your success is a workout and the remaining 70% is nutrition and sleep. If you will not eat enough, the body will have no material to build muscle. Also if you will not sleep well, you will not recover enough (check our article about how to make gains correctly). So, you will not only be able to gain muscle, but you even will start to lose them.  You need to eat enough carbohydrates and protein to build your muscle. For beginners it is usually quite difficult to eat such big amount of food. So you can try additional supplements like whey protein (check out our article about whey protein supplements) or BCAA (check out our article about BCAA supplements)

4. Lifting heavy weights and bad technique


This is one of the most risky fitness mistake gym newcomers are doing. Do not chase lifting heavy weights. Bad exercise technique, especially with Lifting heavy weights, increases your risk to get injuries. Exercise technique is the key to success. Correct exercise technique will allow you to concentrate and make load on the muscle you want, but when you lifting too heavy weights you can’t control your body well. You need to be patient, effects are coming with time. It is not good to lift heavy weights for body which is not used for such huge pressure. You will not get success in a month, go forward with baby steps (1). 

5. Alcohol


If you want to progress, fortunately or unfortunately you need to forget about alcohol, especially about beer.  At least you need to avoid it in big amounts. Beer contains huge amount of women hormones, which is really bad when you are trying to get in shape. Alcohol itself is harmful, and after training it is generally a destructive force, for your heart, and also on the whole organism! So, if you can’t without it, just reduce amounts to minimum, but we recommend just to exclude it (2).

Bottom line

These are the main common fitness mistakes beginners usual do in the gym. Just remember, don’t rush to get a fast result, do it with small steps. Usually rushing is your enemy, besides it is a risk to get injuries, which after can even disturb you all your life. Just lead these points above, and check our other articles which will make your life in gym easier!

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Vitalij Kacanovskij

Vitalij Kacanovskij

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