5 best workout trackers in 2019

Workout trackers (fitness tracker) are great devices which can monitor your workout activity. You can use heart rate training with them, by tracking your pulse. Also new top devices can be as a smart watch, music player and even a phone. Some even can be as good looking jewelry or branded watches. Most of workout trackers (fitness trackers) cooperates with newest mobiles systems like iOS 12 and Android Q. 

So, we want to describe you what are the best workout trackers (fitness trackers), their pros & cons, why do you need them and also what is heart rate training. We have reviewed huge amount of different smartwatches and workout trackers, so these are the one we liked the most.

The Fitbit Charge 3 is the newest workout tracker which has some benefits comparing to old model. It also has nicer design than the previous generation. Why it is first in our ranking? It has nice price, and it offers a lot of insight about your overall health.

It has nice clear display and it is better than a lot of other workout trackers on the market. Also its benefit that it works with all systems and has it own app for android and iOS. 

  • Nice screen with really visible text
  • Beautiful design
  • Good price
  • Sleep tracker
  • Nice battery life
  • Black and white screen
  • No GPS

Samsung made a device with a gorgeous design. It also can be for you as your smartwatch, because of it nice colourful amoled screen. Also it has possibility to stream music, built-in GPS and water resistance. So, it has nice features plus really good price. 

With GPS, you are able to leave your phone at home while you are going for a walk, hike or run. Also it can measure your swimming process. 

With smartwatch function you also are capable to send notifications for social media, answer for phone calls, text messages, and also make quick responses. 


  • Nice big amoled screen
  • Beautiful design
  • Good price
  • Smartwatch function
  • Water proof
  • GPS
  • Offline Spotify support
  • Installation process is difficult
  • Battery life could be better

3. Apple Watch Series 4 - Best for iPhone users

For users of iOS and for people who can afford it, there is no question the Apple Watch Series 4 is the best fitness tracker available on the market. It has the biggest functionality of all competitors. It also has new beautiful design, with huge amount of changing wrist belts. Besides, it includes such things like the electrocardiogram (ECG) app, which was certified by the Food & Drug Administration. So, that makes it the first wearable ECG device. Also, it gives you all day battery life and huge amount of features that is difficult to find in other workout tracker devices.

Apple Watch is really well fitness oriented and has such things like GPS tracking,  heart rate monitoring and it’s also waterproof down to 50 meters, and many more.

  • Beautiful big screen
  • Beautiful design
  • Available in different size and colours
  • Water proof down to 50m
  • GPS
  • Supports huge amount of third party app
  • ECG function
  • All day battery life
  • Works only with iOS devices
  • Quite expensive

4. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 - Budget friendly and reliable

Xiaomi Mi Band – Cheapest Fitness Tracker which is Worth It 

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is a waterproof workout tracker (fitness tracker) which can do much more than you are expecting from it for this price. It includes such things like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, sports tracking, and also smart notifications. It is also water proof, sow what can be better? The only minus is that it has no GPS, but let be realistic, we can’t expect it from device for 30 dollars. 

If you have limited budget, this device is definitely for you!

  • Small and functional
  • Very affordable
  • Water proof down to 50m
  • 15-20 days battery life
  • Not colourful screen
  • Has not GPS

5. Huawei Band 3 Pro - Affordable and powerful

This is one of the best fitness trackers you can buy if you want something more advanced and you still have small budget.

The Band 3 Pro has GPS, it is also a water resistant and it has color screen to display all of your data on your wrist. The heart rate monitor is quite accurate, but GPS is little bit slow at locking on, but for this money it is good that it just is there.

So, if you are looking for an affordable and nice device for your first, which can track your activities and will look nice on your wrist, just get it!

  • Color screen
  • Affordable
  • Water proof
  • Long battery life
  • GPS
  • Slow GPS at locking on

What is a fitness tracker?

So, a fitness tracker (workout tracker) is a type of electronic device that can help you to monitor your activity, like walking or running, sleep quality or also heart rate. Besides, it can be a smartwatch, or other small device which will be connected to your phone or linked to some kind of system. Workout trackers can show you the number of steps you have walked, heart rate and some other data. 

Should I use heart rate training?

Heart rate training can be a good way to control the intensity, but, you also need to know what are your heart rate limits. 

Heart rate training can be useful for you on your weight lifting when you are making gains or try to cut your fat, just because while doing exercise your heart rate can raise a lot and it needs to calm down before you will take the next set, so workout tracker can help you here.  Also, it can be really useful with your cardio, or such type of workout like LISS or HIIT where intensity is really high.

What's a normal and maximal heart rate?

A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. But for well-trained athletes, it can be lower, even about 40 beats per minute. 

To measure your pulse, place your index and third fingers on your neck to the side of your windpipe. When you will be able to feel your pulse, count the number of beats in 15 seconds and multiply this number by four (1).

Your maximum heart rate can be estimated this formula: 220 minus age. It is not a perfect formula for people who are working out a long time, but you still can use it. Or you can use a heart rate calculator (2).

What are the benefits of heart rate training?

Heart-rate training prevents you from running too hard on your easy or recovery runs. It is reducing the risk of fatigue and overtraining, which also helps you to recover a little faster.

So, if you will recover properly between your runs, you will be able to be more productive. Heart-rate training is more useful for runs with different intensity. You can control your intensity depending on how high heart-rate you have.

Just remember that the change doesn’t happen in one moment. Be patient results are coming slow, but when you will see them you will be more motivated to reach new goals!

Bottom line

We hope you know more about workout trackers now, and you are able to choose one for yourself if you need it. There are plenty of products on the market, but some of them are just useless.  Anyway, we hope the devices we presented for you will satisfy you and will make your choice easier. 

And what is your favorite workout tracker? 

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