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5 Habits to Help You Feel and Look Better

These 5 Tips Will Help You Stay in Shape and Feel Full of Energy

Everyone knows that there is no magic pill that will make your body look better and burn fat fast without putting in any effort. There are some stimulators that can help but it will not work if you are not physically active or watch what you are eating. Here are some simple rules you can use to make you feel better and lose extra weight. To read it easier, I’ll try to be short and write everything in points, sow here are habits to help you feel and look better:

1. Drink more water

It is one of the main mistakes people make to not drink enough water and when I say more water, I don’t mean just one more cup of water. I mean you need to always have water with you.

2. Eat Carbohydrates in the Morning and Gradually Reduce Them After Lunch

Make an accent on the protein (white meats, eggs, fish) and vegetables after lunch. I’m not saying forget about burgers, pizza, pasta and other junk food you love. We are all human and sometimes we want to relax, but if you want to feel better and lose some extra weight, we need to at least change the order in which we eat those foods. If you want a slice of pizza or eat a burger, do it at lunch or better before lunch but not in the evening. As I said, carbohydrates are a source of energy and if we are not using that energy (and you will definitely not use it before going to sleep), your body will start to accumulate energy in your body in the form of fat.


bowl muesli breakfast
3. Be Active

These days people sit around too much. In an office, near a computer, at home watching TV. Anyway, I can provide lots of other examples, but it shouldn’t be so. I know that not everyone likes to workout. So, my suggestions are to at least move around more. Instead of using the car, use your legs or bike to get to the grocery store near your home. Instead of using the elevator to the second or third floor, you can use the stairs. Just go and travel and visit new places, it is not so difficult. You need to understand that on a genetic level, our bodies need to move. With time you will see that you have more energy, just because of changing small things in your life.

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4. Vitamins and Minerals

Sometimes people are skeptical about that, but I know that in most parts of our lives, people try to save money and they are not buying the best quality or organic food, which almost always has no good vitamins and minerals in it. So, it is good to buy some complex vitamins and minerals that will help you feel better. There is a huge number of complexes for men and women that you can get in any store now.

5. Don’t search for Excuses

This sounds like a naive one, but in real life, it is the most important one. People are always searching for excuses like I would start to work out, but the gym is too expensive; I will start to eat healthily, but I am lazy to cook, or I will start tomorrow and continue to say the next day. Usually, people try to forget that you were even talking about it yesterday because of your laziness. This is your life, if you choose to feel or look the way you don’t like, that means you don’t care about you and your quality of life. You are the only one who can help yourself.

I hope you are clear about all the basic tips we wrote above now. If you want to discuss them separately, let me know in the comments and I will try to make a separate more detailed article about it.

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